PICTURED: David L. Kirtland, Founder

PICTURED: David L. Kirtland, Founder

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Diamond K Incorporated has been a member of the community of Northeastern Pennsylvania since 1955.  As president and owner of Diamond K Incorporated, David L. Kirtland is proud of the history of philanthropic services which we have provided throughout our years of business.  He believes that it is proper to return his time and talents to the consumers and businesses that have supported Diamond K Incorporated.  David has resided on the boards of Marywood University, The Lackawanna County Solid Waste Authority, Junior Achievement and The Boys & Girls Club just to name a few.  This includes his involvement in various non-profit organizations throughout the region as well as the creation of an education endowment fund. He is also a long-time member of The Country Club of Scranton.



Here at Diamond K Incorporated, we're serious about recycling. That's why we offer additional assistance to those individuals or companies looking to make a difference in the community by recycling more.

We would be happy to send a staff member to any facility to perform a waste audit in order to ensure every possible recyclable item is being accounted for. This not only helps our community and planet, but in many cases, recycling makes financial sense.  By converting waste into valuable products, recycling creates jobs, contributes feedstock to manufacturing, and adds significant value to the entire U.S. economy.

Together with your help, we can positively impact our community and environment as a whole. Click HERE to see some of the environmental benefits of recycling.

To learn more about our waste audit program, please contact a staff member at (570) 346-4684 or