July 2018 Employee of the Month

Congratulations, Nate Davis, on being named our July Employee of the Month! The team work and support extended by you to Diamond K Inc. has been greatly appreciated. We are lucky to have you as a part of our team! Thank you for all you do. 

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May 2018 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to James Bernotsky, our May Employee of the Month! James is a valued member of our team, and we are thrilled to recognize him for his service. James, we thank you for your efforts and contribution to Diamond K! 


President David L. Kirtland Honored at the Keystone College Donor and Trustee Recognition Reception

We are thrilled for our president and owner, David L. Kirtland, who received The Dr. David J. Gray ’50 Medallion on Friday, May 18th at the Keystone College Donor and Trustee Recognition Reception!

The Dr. David J. Gray ’50 Medallion is awarded annually to a member of the community who exemplifies commitment to higher education. We couldn't be more proud! To learn more about David and his wife Marijo's mission to empower higher education students, please visit https://kirtlandfoundationscholarship.org/.

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Job Opening: Yard Jockey

Diamond K Incorporated is searching for an experienced, professional Yard Jockey with dedication and integrity. This position is located in the Greater Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area.

Job Description
The selected associate will be responsible for the effective daily coordination and movement of inbound containers and outbound trailers. Timely movements and thorough knowledge of on-site inventory and positioning will be expected. Other duties include fork lift driving and general warehouse work, as well as over-the-road account pickups. Hours are Monday through Friday, with some Saturdays. 

This position offers competitive wages and excellent benefits. 

Valid Class B or Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
Fork lift driving experience
Positive attitude and ability to be a team player

This is an outstanding opportunity to join a strong team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees. If interested, you can apply directly to diamond@dk-t.com. 

April 2018 Employee of the Month

Tom Chesik.jpg

We would like to publicly congratulate and thank Thomas Chesik, our April 2018 Employee of the Month! Thomas was recognized in April for his outstanding contribution to Diamond K Inc. We applaud his dedication and commitment to excellent work! Thank you for being a great assett to Diamond K Inc. 

Celebrating Nancy Bonavoglia

We would like to congratulate Nancy Bonavoglia, who works in Accounts Payable, on celebrating her 30th anniversary with Diamond K Inc. in February! Thank you, Nancy, for your commitment to Diamond K, and for all your hard work over these past thirty years! How time flies! We are lucky to have you.  

Honoring Bob Faraday

We would like to thank Bob Faraday for his 30+ years of service to Diamond K Inc.! Bob was an independent truck driver for us who recently retired. He is pictured here with his wife, Debbie, and our president and owner, David L. Kirtland, at our quarterly safety luncheon where he was honored. We were privileged to have had such a dedicated and hard-working employee working for us for so many years. Thank you, Bob!

March 2018 Employee of the Month

Congratulations, Robert Cullen, on being named our March 2018 Employee of the Month! Thank you for your positive attitude and for being so committed to Diamond K Inc. You are a great asset to the company and your hard work does not go unnoticed! Keep up the great work. 


Job Opening: Truck Driver

Diamond K Incorporated is searching for an experienced, professional truck driver with dedication and integrity. This position is located in the Greater Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area.

Job Description
The selected associate will be responsible for local pickups and deliveries.

This position offers competetive wages and full benefits. No overnight travel - candidate will be home every night.

Valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
Must have minimum 6 months experience

This is an outstanding opportunity to join a strong team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees with the opportunity for both professional and financial growth. You can apply directly to diamond@dk-t.com, or check out our listing on Facebook. 

February 2018 Employee of the Month

Bob Casey.jpg

Special thanks and congratulations to Robert Casey, our February Employee of the Month!

An Employee of the Month is someone who exemplifies our values, goes above and beyond to do great work each day, and sets a great example for other team members to follow. Bob does all of this and much more, and we couldn't be happier with his hard work and dedication to Diamond K Inc.!

Kirtland Foundation Scholarship

The David L. Kirtland and Marijo Kirtland Foundation Scholarship is a new scholarship for 2018 that provides academic scholarships for high school seniors, current undergraduate, graduate or professional business students residing in Lackawanna County. The mission of the foundation is to empower business students looking to reach their full potential, regardless of economic status.

A business student means a study in business, accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, public administration, tax, economics, management, labor relations or some other related major leading to a career in the business field.

The applicant must have resided in Lackawanna County for at least one year prior to graduating from high school and/or completing an application for the scholarship. Family income or qualifying applicants may not exceed amounts established by the Trustees.

The scholarship award may only be applied to the cost of tuition, fees, books and supplies nor may it exceed these costs. Scholarship awards must be used in the academic year in which they are awarded.

Successful recipients may attend any accredited, public or private, two-year or four-year college, university, technical college or graduate school. The recipient must be full-time each semester and working toward a degree in business. The educational institution must be an educational organization that maintains a regular faculty, curriculum and a regularly enrolled student body of pupils/students who attend classes at the location where its educational activities take place.

All successful applicants (dependent and independent) must submit a complete formal written application and submit all required supplemental materials prior to midnight EST on May 15, 2018.

Please visit kirtlandfoundationscholarship.org for an application, supporting materials and additional information.


January 2018 Employee of the Month

Tyrone Baldoni.JPG

In 2018 we will continue to celebrate an Employee of the Month. Our Employee of the Month award is designed to acknowledge members of our team who have shown superior performance and contribute to the mission of Diamond K Inc. This month marks two years since we implemented this program. 

Congratulations to Tyrone Baldoni, who is the first 2018 Employee of the Month! Thank you, Tyrone, for your commitment to Diamond K Inc. and the strong work ethic you continue to show! 

'National Sword' policy constricts U.S. recycling industry

The following article was originally published in The Times Tribune. 


Think twice before tossing that yogurt cup in the blue bin.

It’s recyclable, yes, but any goo left on the bottom is tainting a global industry.

Industry experts say single stream recycling, or mixing aluminum, glass, paper and plastic in a single bin, is contaminating huge chunks of valuable material.

“It’s singularly the worst thing that ever happened to the industry,” said David L. Kirtland, president of Diamond K Inc., a major paper recycler in Scranton. “Unequivocally, it’s a terrible move.”

Last spring, the Chinese government’s National Sword 2017 policy set tighter rules on what the world’s largest recyclable material importer will accept.

The policy also sets a high bar for material cleanliness in an industry already subject to dramatic price swings.

Kirtland said in the time period around June to December last year, the price for some paper products could rise and fall by $100 per ton in a month’s time.

“That’s not the norm, but it’s really a commodity business, and 49 percent supply and 51 percent demand sends the price up,” he said.

His company packs and ships 10,000 tons of paper and cardboard every month. His brokerage company, DK Trading Corporation Inc., buys and sells about 25,000 tons a month.

The problem comes down to cleanliness.

With single stream, unwashed yogurt cups and beer cans get stirred in with high quality white office paper, one of the most valuable of recyclables, and ruins it.

“Domestically, single stream, for all intents and purposes, is almost rendered useless because there are so many contaminants in the products,” Kirtland said.

Industry experts are at odds about whether the benefits of single stream outweigh its harms.

Advocates say it makes residential recycling easier because you need fewer containers, said Beth DeNardi, Luzerne County’s recycling coordinator. It costs less for towns, especially if they pay public works employees for curbside pickup, she said.

“There’s a flip side to that — contamination,” she said. “If the material that’s collected is being thrown out because it’s too contaminated, then it defeats the whole purpose of doing single stream.”

It’s hard to compare one county to another, she said. Each town has a different budget, population and requirements from the state.

Berit Case, the state Department of Environmental Protection’s regional recycling coordinator, said all towns in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties under a mandatory recycling rule are in compliance. No towns in the surrounding counties meet the 5,000-resident population threshold for mandatory recycling programs.

The 11 counties in the DEP’s Northeast region generated nearly 3 million tons of recyclable material in 2016, according to the most recent data from the DEP.

Brandon Wright, spokesman for the National Waste & Recycling Association, said his organization encourages single stream recycling because it increases participation. He also recognized that recyclers have a harder time selling it under China’s National Sword.

“Where some of our members have been able to find other markets in India and Indonesia, and even some domestically, you’re just not going to replace the consumption that was going to China,” Wright said. “They were just too big of a market for product to make it up elsewhere.”

In Diamond K’s 125,000-square-foot baling and packaging operation in Scranton’s Providence section, crews use skid steers to push shredded paper onto a heavy conveyor belt.

The shredded stuff rides up to a chute to the baler, which packs it into neat cubes weighing 3,000 pounds apiece.

He buys his waste material from publishers and factories, but much of it arrives from sources where it accumulates one slice of paper at a time. Those sources are more likely to deliver contaminated material than industrial sources. He’s told many of his vendors that he’s not interested in their scrap if they switch to single stream.

Barbara Giovagnoli, Lackawanna County’s recycling coordinator, encouraged companies to write their own good-steward policies, for example, separating paper from cans and plastic. She also recommends those in office settings to put trash cans in a central location and recycling bins at every desk.

“The bottom line is that it’s up to each one of us individually,” Giovagnoli said. “If we create that waste, it’s up to us to properly channel it to be recycled and renewed and made into new things.”

Contact the writer: joconnell@timesshamrock.com; 570-348-9131; @jon_oc on Twitter

Start your own program

Companies or community leaders looking to strengthen their recycling programs can contact their county recycling coordinators:

Lackawanna County: Barbara Giovagnoli, 570-963-2017

Luzerne County: Beth DeNardi, 570-331-7048

Susquehanna County: Jen Hibbard, 570-278-3589

Wayne County: Randy Heller, 570-253-9727

Wyoming County: Michael Rogers, 570-836-0729

Recycling law

Towns with more than 5,000 residents, and the individual businesses that operate in them, are required to have recycling programs, according to Act 101 of 1988. Under the act, commercial and municipal establishments must at least recycle aluminum, high-grade office paper and corrugated cardboard, in addition to other materials chosen by the town. Mandated municipalities must collect at least three of a number of items, including glass, plastics, aluminum and newsprint. No towns in Susquehanna, Wayne or Wyoming counties meet the population threshold.

Who benefits

At the very least, recycling can cut down on waste disposal costs. This is true for households that pay per bag for garbage disposal and large corporations with dumpster service. Companies trade recyclable material in large volumes, but the amount produced by a small company or home may not produce any financial benefit. Large companies that produce a lot of, for example, high-grade office paper, can sell it.


Mandated communities

Lackawanna County

Archbald, Blakely, Carbondale, Clarks Summit, Dickson City, Dunmore, Moosic, Old Forge, Olyphant, South Abington Twp., Scott Twp., Scranton, Taylor.

Luzerne County

Dallas Twp., Exeter, Hanover Twp., Hazleton, Kingston, Kingston Twp., Nanticoke, Newport Twp., Pittston, Pittston Twp., Plains Twp., Plymouth, Swoyersville, Wilkes-Barre, Wright Twp.

December 2017 Employee of the Month

Congratulations and special thanks to Fran McDonnell, our final 2017 Employee of the Month! 

An Employee of the Month is someone who exemplifies Diamond K Inc.'s core values, performs to the best of their ability each day, and sets a great example for other team members to follow. Thank you, Fran, for always going above and beyond! We are thrilled with your hard work and dedication to Diamond K. Inc.!

As we close out 2017, we would like to thank all of our employees for a fantastic year. Special thanks to those 12 dedicated workers recognized as our Employee of the Month this year!


October 2017 Employee of the Month

Matt Krenitsky.jpg

We are pleased to announce Matthew Krenitsky as our October 2017 Employee of the Month! Matthew's enthusiasm and interest in the company have made a huge impact to our success. We recognize and appreciate Matthew's dedicated efforts and are grateful for his service! 

August 2017 Employee of the Month

We are proud to announce our August 2017 Employee of the Month - Gerald Shoemaker! Gerald, we applaud you for your extra effort, dedication and insight, all which are extremely valuable to the success of Diamond K Inc. Thank you for all your hard work!

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