Diamond K Inc. Sponsors the 2017 Lackawanna County GreenSylvania School Paper Recycling Competition

Diamond K Inc. was proud to once again sponsor the Lackawanna County GreenSylvania School Paper Recycling Competition this year! “GreenSylvania” is intended to assist schools during the implementation and/or enhancement of their recycling program and waste stream reduction efforts, and to generate enthusiasm among students and teachers for recycling at school, at home and at special events.  

The Lackawanna County schools recycled 28.09 tons of paper during the Month of May 2017 in the 10th annual GreenSylvania competition. For every ton of paper recycled, 17 trees are saved. The competition is conducted on a “Per Capita” basis to allow schools of all sizes to participate, and is held on three levels: elementary, intermediate/middle, and high schools.  The paper is collected from within the school's classrooms and offices, and participants include all students, their teachers and office staff. 
The competition is a student-based, hands-on learning experience of weighing the paper, logging it weekly, and submitting weights by email or fax.  Each week the paper is collected and weighed. One educational component of this competition involves the math use in data collection. Another is the awareness of the volume of paper and its disposal impact on our environment.

GreenSylvania is intended to increase the amount of material recycled by the schools both in mandated and non-mandated municipalities. In addition, the program aims to educate the administration on the various ways that they can reduce their overall waste, increase their recycling rate, and purchase items made of recycled material while saving money. The program also helps to decrease the volume of material going to landfills. To learn more about GreenSylvania's initiatives and educational benefits, please visit greensylvania.org

GreenSylvania runners up are awarded $500 from us here at Diamond K Inc., represented this year by Mike Wincovitch. Runners up are Lakeland Elementary Scott Campus (6,529 lbs), Northeast Scranton Intermediate (3,705 lbs), and Carbondale Area High School (4,651 lbs). We are extremely proud of these three schools and all who participated in the competition! 

2017 winning schools are awarded $1,000 from Tobyhanna Distribution Center's Sustainability Committee. Winners are John G. Whittier Elementary (8,195 lbs), South Scranton Intermediate (5,821 lbs), and Holy Cross High School (2,943 lbs).